Anonymous said: Calliope would use just the tip.

are you telling me that a lady such as roxy lalonde wouldn’t be able to fit the entire 90 whatever million miles of snake inside her snatch? are you challenging her honor??? you make me sick. how dare you offend my girl roxy like that.

Anonymous said: There was a sexcanon about roxy having sex with calliope as a serpent. When cherubs turn into serpents, they become NINETY EIGHT MILLION MILES LONG! 98,000,000! What the FUCK?

anythings a dildo if you try hard enough

Anonymous said: Oh looks like Girl's Week is over.

Well, yes.  It has been over a week since it began, so the week is now over.  That’s how weeks work.

Anonymous said: Would Tavrissprite be a guy or girl? This question has been on my mind for awhile.

neither. or both.

Anonymous said: B-but why? They're like 13 in the beginning.. Why?

They’re 16.  Read the fucking FAQ.