princeamporaisgoingtotheark asked: A few days ago you said if there were any other sex canon blogs to tell you, so here, I found one called pastasexcanons.

pastasexcanons???? fuck yes i’m in i want a hot threesome between spaghetti, rigatoni and-

oh no.

it’s just creepypasta characters.


Anonymous asked: Where did you get your alternian font? It's different than the one I have and actually to the point where I couldn't read it looking at mine.

i got them all here:

Anonymous asked: I actually enjoyed the ones in Alternian, I am now more or less fluent in reading Alternian thanks to you. Can we please still see some in Alternian font?


acker-heichou asked: i should probably thank you for the bullshit joke you pulled. i actually learned basic alternian reading skills. so uh, yeah. thanks?

you’re welcome, dear follower.

as april fool’s day pulls to a close, i say with a heavy heart that we have to close the alternian language saga. it was fun while it lasted, and thanks to everyone for putting up with it. a special thanks to icaruspisces who has been posting translations all day, and for the rest of you translating along too!

here are the original english sexcanons:

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Anonymous asked: This is the worst april fools prank EVER.